The following are some customer testimonials from our patients. Names have been withheld to preserve patient confidentiality.



"I have to say that my husband and I are extremely grateful to Neil.  I became ill at home and was getting worse each day, Neil was instrumental in diagnosing I had an infection (turned out to be MSSA) and rushing me into hospital.  When I came home two months later I returned to Neil to use his skills as a Physio as the infection had damaged my glut and clavicle, I was unable to walk, had limited movement of my arm, and suspected I would not ever fully recover full mobility.


Over the following two months I saw Neil regularly, at each session Neil would assess my progress and give me new exercises to address the next problem area. 

Although he was a hard taskmaster, his exercises and encouragement together with my hard work have enabled me to make a full recovery.  We cannot thank him enough. Neil had always been cheerful and positive and without his help I don’t think I would have made the speedy progress I have.  Prior to this happening we always thought that using a physio was something only professional sports people would do – now we know better!  We would definitely use Neil again and would thoroughly recommend him to everyone we know.  Thanks again Neil, you are fantastic.




 "I have been extremely satisfied with all my treatments and always recommend Neil to my colleagues, friends and family should they require physio treatments. Neil has always been very helpful and will follow up phone calls / concerns outside clinic hours. I would never change my physio for another practice. Excellent work Neil!"



"I have had back problems for about 12 years before I met Neil Minter last year. I have been to Chiropractors, and Osteopath & a Reflexologist all to no avail. I finally sought a back specialist and after having an MRI it was discovered I had two collapsed discs so I really felt rather disappointed. I had an epidural injection to reduce the inflammation and afterwards I was referred to Neil for Physiotherapy as a follow up. He assessed me & declared that although being fairly fit I had absolutely no core strength! This very important & basic requirement was completely overlooked, let alone assessed by the other supposedly professionals in the field of back care. After a course of targeted exercises to strengthen my core, I have improved so much that all those years of backache have finally been consigned to the history books. I am now looking forward to enjoying the future without that constant nagging backache. Neil has been very professional, friendly & patient focused. Without his help I suspect I would still be suffering. Thank you Neil."



"Neil has been really fantastic, many thanks."



"Very happy and treatment worked very quickly, thank you."



"Kate immediately felt relief both from the pain of her injury and mental relief that she would be able to compete in 3 weeks. Thank you so much!."



"I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil to anybody who needs a Physiotherapist. Very good."



"Really helpful......."



 "Would recommend highly......."



"Very well satisfied, thank you so very much......."



"Once again Neil has fixed me!. I have reported to Neil for three separate complaints, initially back pain then two knee problems. The back problem followed a spasm 10 months earlier which was detrimentally impacting day to day life. Where other practitioners had failed, Neil succeeded. And quickly. Within just a couple of sessions I could see a positive change and was back to 100% in five visits over just four weeks. The two knee issues (sports related) were both sorted in two sessions. Not only is Neil expert in his field he has a reassuringly confident yet friendly approach. I would not hesitate to recomend his services and frequently do so"




I have seen Neil Minter for a number of injuries during the past 2 years which include a knee ACL reconstruction , impinged shoulder and recently a fractured pelvis which Neil spotted after being wrong diagnosis at a Casualty department . Niels treatment , advice , knowledge and support has been absolutely first class . There have been times during injury when its easy to feel down but after each visit I have been motivated after quality advice that always left me feeling confident and I have overcome each and every injury . I would totally recommend Neil for any Physiotherapy requirement .
Lewis Elliott




"I have suffered from back problems on and off for the last 8 years and underwent three spinal injections recently with no significant improvement.  The consultant I saw felt that surgery would be the last option and referred me to Neil Minter.  Truthfully, I was a little reluctant having tried a good number of physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths over the years.  However, I immediately felt at ease with Neil and he had a real understanding of the problems I was experiencing.  I followed a tough exercise regime to help with my core strength, coupled with manipulation and stretching techniques. I never felt under pressure if I hadn't achieved all the exercises when life became hectic!  My back problems have improved and I feel I can keep it on track if I continue to improve my core strength through exercise.  However, I will not hesitate to contact Neil if I feel any pain in the future and would recommend his practice to anyone.  Thanks Neil for all your expertise and sympathetic approach".

Rosie Ratcliffe





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  • Lesley Levey (Monday, June 29 15 04:32 pm BST)

    I was referred to Neil following an arthroscopy on my knee. Yes, he's a hard taskmaster but his advice is brilliant and I followed his recommendations without hesitation.

    Before my op I was doubtful that I would ever get back to my dance based exercises of the past, but I am now pleased to say that I am fully recovered and back doing everything I did previously.

    I recommend Neil and his practice to everyone needing the services of a physiotherapist, knowing that they will be as pleased with their outcome as I am. I can't thank you enough Neil.

  • Philip Oaks (Monday, March 23 15 08:31 pm GMT)

    I have had the pleasure of being treated and fixed by Neil Minter on two occasions, once several years ago after breaking my leg and again in March 2015 with nerve pain down my left arm. Both
    treatments were over several weeks and very successful. I found Neil to be professional and genuinely interested in my medical issues.
    Neil was recommended by my local NHS surgery and by surgeons at Claire Park and Frimley Park Hospitals, I would not hesitate to recommend Neil given the opportunity.

  • Seb (Monday, January 26 15 07:13 pm GMT)

    I am a 46 year year old male hockey player and have been suffering with lower back pain for years. An mri scan revealed no obvious problems other than wear and tear and after cortisone injections the
    surgeon referred me to Neil for follow up physiotherapy. Neil quickly assessed my problems and gave me specific exercises to do at home which focused on my core strength. The results were almost
    instant and after years of suffering back pain I have now returned to playing hockey, running, cycling and skiing. Neil has made me more aware of the causes of my back problems and I am now 100% pain
    free. Neil is a great communicator, caring, clever, knowledgable and I would recommend him to anybody in need of physiotherapy.

  • Lewis Elliott (Thursday, December 18 14 07:51 pm GMT)

    I have seen Neil Minter for an impingement in my shoulder and also physio on a reconstructed ACL of the knee. The treatment I recieved was first class. Always professional , kept me positive in the
    early stages and has helped me achieve 100% recovery. I would recommend without hesitation.