Questions Asked by You:

Q) Is a Doctors referral needed for Physiotherapy treatment?

A) No, but if you have private health insurance you should contact your insurance company as they may require a referral from your GP in order to authorize reimbursement of treatment charges.   


Q) Is Physiotherapy covered by Medical Insurance?

A) In most cases yes but policies vary and you should check with your insurer prior to treatment commencing. We are registered with BUPA, AXA PPP and all major health insurance companies.


Q) Do Physiotherapists treat back and neck problems?

A) Yes, and in our practice Physiotherapists have special interests in the spine and are very capable of treating back and neck pain.


Q) Do Physiotherapists use manipulation?

A) Yes, Chartered and State registered Physiotherapists with post-graduate training are qualified to manipulate.


Q) How long will I have to wait for my first appointment?

A) We aim to offer you an appointment within 24 hours and can often accommodate you the same day. 


Q) Will I see the same therapist throughout my treatment?

A) Yes, our policy is to ensure our patients see the same Physiotherapist for the duration of their treatment.  The only time you will be seen by another Physiotherapist would be if your Physiotherapist is away or sick.


Q) Should I bring my X-rays and MRI scans with me?

A) Yes - Please bring all the relevant information relating to your condition. It all assists your Physiotherapist at your initial assessment.


Q) How many treatments will I need?

A) All pateints and their conditions are different. At your initial assessment your Physiotherapist will agree a treatment plan with you, which will include approximately how many treatments you may require.