Post Operative Rehabilitation:

All our therapists have extensive knowledge of Orthopaedic surgical procedures and post operative rehabilitation protocols, for the upper limb (shoulder, Elbow, wrist and hand) and lower limb (hip, knee, foot and ankle) as well as the spine (neck and lower back).

We believe in specialist rehabilitation starting in the early post operative period and progressing to the final stages of rehabilitation and return to full functional ability.


Rehabilitation will include a home excercise program and often extended rehabilitation treatment sessions. These are 45 minutes in duration. 


For patients returning to sport or physically high demanding jobs, regular gym workouts may be required and the appropriate programs will be set by our experienced Physiotherapists. Final stage rehabilitation usually consists of functional or sports specific excercise.


We also use local facilites to perform on pitch final stage rehabilitation and fitness testing to ensure 'no stone is unturned' in the treatment of our patients back to full sporting function.